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What Happened In Spokane - Mysterium 2014 Summary

For all those people who couldn't make it to Mysterium, the annual fan-run convention for Myst and URU, here's a summary of what you missed (just like us actually).


Friday, August 1st

Cleft Location Research Panel
Ainia has been working on finding the location of the cleft for a long time now, starting a huge forum thread on the Myst Online forums. At Mysterium, she gave a summary of the findings so far and held a short Q&A. You can read the summary and transcript of the Q&A here and the forum topic here.


K'laamas' D'ni Linguistics Presentation

K'laamas managed to get some more words from Richard "RAWA" Watson at Cyan and presented a few new D'ni words. There was also a D'ni phrases handout given out to everyone who attended. If you're interested in the D'ni language, check out the Guild of Linguists.


Saturday, August 2nd

Cyan's MOULa Announcement Lees meer

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All Guilds Meeting - September 2013

Yet another All Guilds Meeting is over - and this one, clocking in at just under three quarters of an hour, might just be one of the shortest AGMs in recent history. Even though Doobes, everyone's favourite AGM moderator (at least when that handsome devil of a co-Guild Master isn't around...), was absent due to real life reasons, Lyrositor was able to serve as a substitute for the duration of the meeting. As usual, if you missed the meeting (or if you don't trust your memory), our chatlogs are available here, both raw and cleansed; if you don't feel like going through logs, you can also read our brilliantly written summary (currently being submitted as a candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature):

Guild of Linguists

KathAveara (formerly known as DLordOfTime) was first to present for the newly-reformed Guild of Linguists, since the old D'ni Linguistic Fellowship (DLF) has been inactive for quite a while now. He wishes to continue the old guild's work on the languages of the world of D'ni (D'ni, Narayani and Bahro). You can check out its website here (currently being expanded by Kath). Lees meer

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MO:ULa reaches CAVCON 1

The CAVCON meter, which measures the donation level for MO:ULa, has dipped below 2 for the first time since its inception way back in February of 2010: as of the 8th of July 2013, the meter is currently at CAVCON 1.2. This means that the reserve fund built up during the early CAVCON 4 months is now completely empty. In other words, if there aren't enough donations by the end of the month to cover operating costs, MO:ULa will not be able to pay for the month.

This does not necessarily mean it would go down immediately, as Cyan now rents MO:ULa on a yearly basis. However, if the situation continues over the following months, MO:ULa will go down, perhaps permanently. The others shards could keep operating, but unless a redistribution license is provided by Cyan to the various shard operators, new explorers wouldn't be able to play the game because there would be no way to get the game files through legal means.

Here's hoping that the upcoming D'nipalooza and CAVECON events manage to raise enough funds to cover the remaining 80% of costs.

If you have something to throw Cyan's way to keep MOULa running, head over to the donation page.  Let's keep the game and the community running!

afbeelding van Nev'yn

D'niPalooza 2013!

Still riding the wave of their recent sucess, the new International Hood is busy preparing for their next event! Combining a Summer Music Fest and Cavcon Awareness party, this event has been dubbed D'niPalooza 2013!

Here's what the sponsors of IHP has to say about the event:

IHP schrieb:
Coming this July 27th, the International Hood will be hosting a music extravaganza that will feature the cavern’s finest musical talents! The upcoming event will be held in the cavern and will showcase music from many musicians who will be sharing their music, be it original or cover, solo or group, and in many genres.

If you are a musician and would like to participate in this event, please see the requirements below for submitting your music. Your pre-recorded music will be stored on a server, sorted by genre and played in its particular segment. A schedule will be posted so that you may attend and “take the stage” while your music is being streamed. The event will be recorded so that those who cannot attend will be able to enjoy at your leisure. Please contact Edisonrex Ki # 21671071 or his email Edisonrex@me.com if you would like to participate in this event. Edisonrex will provide you with a password and instructions for uploading.

We are looking for people who would like to host segments of this event as a DJ/Personality. A server is being provided for you to host your stream from. We will be having a general meeting on [to be announced] in the International Hood for all those who are interested in participating in this extraordinary event. For those unable to attend the meeting, please follow updates on the Mystonline.com events forum.

Lees meer

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Spring Garden Party in Female's Hood

Spring is here, and we have many reasons to celebrate! On Friday the 17th of May, the Female Hood is putting on a music and dance party, chaperoned by none other than Mimi Bot, with special guests Yeesha, the Bahro, and Jeff Zandi! All explorers are welcome, there's something for everyone.

At 13:00 KI time, (3:00 PM in New York, 9:00 PM in Western Europe), send a private message to Mimi Bot with the single word, link, and you will be transported directly to the party in Eder Delin.

Haven't done this before? Just add Mimi Bot as a buddy. Use her KI number by typing /addbuddy 21420380. You can then send Mimi a private message to transport you to the party; click on Mimi Bot in your buddy list and then type link without any punctuation.

More details to come as next week progresses. Lees meer

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Magic Delin
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mei 17, 2013 - 13:00
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Nellie Bly